What is NextGen?

NextGen classes are big lecture classes that have been redesigned to be something way cooler than your typical college class. When you choose NextGen classes, you get a whole lot more than just sitting in a classroom with a bunch of other students, listening to the instructor talk the whole time. Instead, here's what you get: online learning and engaging small group classroom activities with some lecture thrown in so that you still get face time with your professor.

What do you get from a NextGen class?

  • A solid list of what the instructor needs you to know to be successful in his or her class
  • Foundational materials that are put online which can give you flexibility in your schedule
  • Less time in your seat listening to lecture, more time to spend interacting with your classmates
  • Small group experiential learning to help make those big classes feel small (check out the link for videos and interactives to see some of the cool things used in small group experiential learning)
  • NextGen instructors that are really invested in giving you the best experience they can give in the classroom
Image of students with a collage of NextGen activites in background