What is NextGen?

NextGen classes are classes that have been redesigned with today’s student in mind. When you choose NextGen classes, you get a whole lot more than just sitting in a classroom with a bunch of other students, listening to the instructor talk the whole time. Instead, you get effective and engaging instruction that energizes teaching and learning.

NextGen classes include a mix of instructional strategies and best practices such as experiential learning, collaborative learning, and technology-enriched learning. Experiential learning provides an active learning environment that relates course content and activities to real world situations; collaborative learning helps make classes feel more personal by promoting student connection with content and classmates; and technology-enriched learning provides a flexible way for you to explore foundational materials at your own pace and convenience.

Though each NextGen course is uniquely designed, every NextGen course is built upon a foundation of student learning outcomes and assessments that align with instructional methods so the course functions as a cohesive whole. NextGen courses strive to meet today's students where they are while evoking and inspiring learners to excel.

Okay, but what do I get from a NextGen class?